Spring break!

We’ve purchased a truck and it is being customized as we speak. We’re so excited. We’re heading to the Department of Health Food Safety & Hygiene Inspection Services Division tomorrow (that’s a mouthful) to start the licensing process for DC.

We’re also on Spring Break, which means trying to keep an 8-year-old and a 3-year-old busy for a week. God bless teachers. For today’s assignment I’ve asked Anabel to write her first blog post and to share what it’s like having a food truck. Hold on to your devices, because here it is with my comments in parentheses….

It’s very hard because i never get to spend as much time as I used to before I started the food truck with my mommy and daddy (that’s a punch in the parent gut). But sometimes I get to come with them to the food truck and meet new people, but the same old customers we need to spread the word a little more (true).

Sometimes I get to have the food on the truck for lunch like the K.C. sandwich, and for dinner usually my daddy and I have the curry chicken empanadas but my little brother doesn’t eat much so he has Cheerios and my mommy is vegetarian so she has the vegetarian empanadas.

We get more new items on the food truck and I will FINALLY get  to work on the food truck (we’ll see). And we’ll get more employees that we would be proud to call brother or sister.

There it is folks. From the mouthes of babes. #foodfamilyfun

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