Drawing from our Southern, Caribbean, and Hispanic roots, we offer you food inspired from our family table. We hope you enjoy!



The idea for Anabel’s Mobile Kitchen was created in 2014 by our then 6-year-old daughter, Anabel. For months she had been creating menus and pricing options for everything from lemonade stands to a home-based restaurant. As parents, we wanted to encourage this entrepreneurial spark in her. Ultimately, we wanted her to know that whatever her heart dreamed was possible to achieve with hard work and dedication; thus the birth of AMK.



Our truck was the first to take advantage of a new reciprocity law in Maryland. The law has made it easier for food trucks to operate throughout the state. For instance, if you’ve already been licensed in one jurisdiction in Maryland, the other jurisdictions will honor that license once you show your proof and pay …


The truck is almost done and we should be picking it up this week. In the meantime, we made a quick visit to NYC to celebrate my Aunt Irose’s 70th birthday party and take Anabel to her first Broadway show. The party was awesome. We ate good food and danced to Soca all night long. The …


AMK’s mission is to use locally grown produce and a savory blend of herbs and spices to provide delicious and hearty multiethnic food at a reasonable price.